On the 28th of February, I have participated to the google hash code qualification round competition. With my team, we represented our engineering school Polytech Nantes. Our rank was 5047. There are 6640 teams that produced a score. Unfortunately and obviously, we were not qualified for the finale round, but all of us learnt a lot from this experience.

As engineering students, we often work in team, but for projects that last weeks. Here, we had only 4 hours to get the job done. Before the competition, we had prepared our setup: python and pip, git and gitlab. When the competition began, we have been thinking for maybe one hour and a half on the problem. Then we made a decision on a solution, and we split the tasks.

We could have spent less time to find a solution, because we didn’t really realise the time that we will need to implement potential solutions. About collaboration, we well handled git, but we could have managed tasks repartition better than we did. Indeed, there was a function required for launching our solution that took too much time to develop because of a misunderstanding of the problem. I think that we should have more shared the problem about this function. However, on others functions and class, the communication between teammate was very effective.