Alias Thykof

IT Student-engineer at Polytech Nantes

Developer profile

I study engineering sciences at Polytech Nantes. I love coding and I started with Python3. I like free software that respects privacy.


Web development

Learnt at Polytech

Engineering cycle

  • Java
  • HTML CSS JavaScript
  • Unix / Linux system
  • C
  • SQL
  • R
  • Prolog

Preparatory class

  • C++
  • C# and WinForm
  • PHP and SQL
  • Arduino
  • Matlab



  • M001: MongoDB Basics
  • M101P: MongoDB for Developers
  • M101N: MongoDB for .NET Developers



This JavaFX application is used to analyze microphenomenology interviews.

With my 3-developer team, we are working on this project provided by Polytech since October 2019.

  • github logo
  • Java
  • JavaFX
  • polytech logo

IdéSYS JEH-Maker

I have launched this project based on an Excel document that calculates optimum pricing for student-run company projects.

hyblab screenshot

We use it at IdéSYS, the student-run company of Polytech Nantes.

  • github logo
  • Javascript
  • VueJs
  • PWA


This is an interactive storytelling website project organized in the city of Nantes.

hyblab screenshot

I was in a team of nine multidisciplinary students: two communication students, two designer students and we were five developer students.

  • github logo
  • Javascript
  • VueJs
  • PWA
  • SVG
  • polytech logo

Google Hash Code

2018: Unofficial competition at Polytech for a school project.

2019: official competition.

2020: official competition.

  • Python3
  • Algorithmic
  • polytech logo


This is a website that shows the initial URL of a short URL generated by URL shortening.

unreduce screenshot

I have coded the website with different languages and frameworks:
PHP, python3 and bottle, python3 and flask.

  • github logo
  • Python3
  • Flask
  • Bottle
  • Php


This is a desktop application intended for managing insect rearing.

  • github logo
  • C#
  • MongoDB
  • polytech logo


Scilicet is a website intended for job seekers.

The aim is to show the candidate's profile, with lots of additional information and details about every experience.

scilicet screenshot

I made this project for the 2018 Coddity competition, which I won.

  • github logo
  • Python3
  • Django
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • 1

Numerical differential equation solving

Projet-EDO-PEIP2S1 screenshot


Website for SafeMyWork. Store your SafeMyWork settings file on the cloud.

safemywork web screenshot
  • github logo
  • Python3
  • Django
  • File upload


This desktop software automatically saves and synchronizes your documents.

safemywork screenshot

Documentation with Sphinx, available on ReadTheDocs.

  • github logo
  • Python3
  • Gtk3
  • Multithreading


Simple and versatile image editor desktop software.

imeditor screenshot

In collaboration with Hugo Posnic.

  • github logo
  • Python3
  • Gtk3
  • Pillow


This command-line software is the crawler bot for the Swiftea search engine.

swiftea search engine website screenshot

Database: connect to a remote database with PyMySQL

FTP: connect to a remote server with paramiko

Unit testing with pytest

Documentation with Sphinx, available on ReadTheDocs

In collaboration with Hugo Posnic.

  • github logo
  • Python3
  • Command-line
  • Web-app

Favorite Tools

  • System: Ubuntu
  • Text editor: Atom, Sublime Text
  • Version control system: Git and github
  • Web browser: Firefox
  • Common ressources: API references, ReadTheDocs,
  • Search engine: Qwant